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Parts Book

After many years of development, it is finally here! We are pleased to introduce original Falcon Parts Books (for XR to XA) with more coming in the future.

How to use the Parts Book?

1) Select the model and category from our main menu

2) Click on the to select the part available in our parts store

3) Add the part directly to your cart or if you would like additional information about the part, click “SEE MORE”

We will constantly be updating the Parts Book to make it easy for you to find the parts you need.


Original Parts BookGrand Tourer's Parts Book

Our Restorations Services

Here at Grand Tourer, we understand that every part of your restoration is important.

We are happy to provide expert guidance and advice to help you achieve the restoration of your dream car.

That is why we offer a complete restoration service, from the smallest parts such as wiper motors, master cylinders and even heater boxes...


…to assisting with drive line and suspensions parts, such as full differentials and front end components.

Or if you prefer, we’re in the business of providing award winning, full car restoration services.

From XR onwards, we have the tools and expertise to help restore your dream car.

Give our friendly staff a call if you would like to begin restoring your dream car.

General Mechanical Repairs and Servicing

In addition to restorations, we provide:

Mechanical repairs;

General servicing;

Insurance claims; and

Road worthy certificates.

Our vision at Grand Tourer is to keep your iconic blue oval on the road.