1972 XY Ute Nugget Gold

1972 XY Ute Nugget Gold – Grand Tourer

This vehicle has had two previous owners before Grand Tourer.  This vehicle has been in storage for 20 years.  The first owner was a butcher from Coburg, Victoria.  The vehicle was used to pick local supplies.

The second owner purchased the vehicle as a project for him and his son some 20 years ago.  They disassembled the vehicle, painted the vehicle and it sat in storage for a long time.  Grand Tourer has rebuilt the motor, transmission and differential.  We converted the front end to disc brakes using all genuine components, fully recoded the front end, alternator, radiator, starter motor, new brake lines, new shockers… the list goes on.  I believe that this is one of the best ute body shells to exist.

$43,000 – SOLD